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Follow this link to find out more about WALK ON, an intensive physio programme just started in Australia (and luckily for us - it's in Brisbane) based on Project Walk , an exciting new rehabiltation program direct from the US of A.

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Active ImageTo see Richards strength improving day by day is so inspiring... he works so hard some days he feels like passing out!  The equipment they use, the dedication of the trainers, the positive attitude of all those in there, it's just being part of something like this, and especially in its first stages of being in Australia.  We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of it all.  Richard attends 3 days per week, for 2 hours each day.  It's located in Bowen Hills (Brisbane) which takes us about 40 minutes to drive there from our current residence in Beenleigh (south of Brisbane).

We know a number of people who went to Project Walk for a month, after they'd left the P.A. Hospital Spinal Unit, and all had a very successful and fantastic time.  Most of them are now attending WALK ON and getting a lot out of it.  

For more information on the programme, take a look at the website.

We'll post more pictures of recovery and improvement as Richard progresses...





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