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As Kylie mentioned in her last bedside news the goal is now to have the Allens in their new home in Bangalow by sometime next year. So much great work has been done to make this a possibility and so much more work is required to make it a reality. Michael Hartigan who is taking the lead on the building of the house "Allenville"--has confirmed that the development application and construction certificate application was submitted and paid for on 8th April for Richie and family's home in Cloverhill, the Owne-Builder certifcate issued, insurances approved, and the tasks which were completed since the excavator arrived last Wednesday are:
*  initial excavation...Jeff West
*  Site cleared...Jeff West, Steve Nolan..(Bashies..Brunswick Heads)
*  onsite toilet installed...Byron Hire
*  site security and safety fence...Steve Scott..Safety Fence Hire 

Thank you to all these fantastic people and businesses for your invaluable support.  You are all fantastic!

Check out the article "Allenville - Turning the Soil" in our Latest News section. 

More updates to come.

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