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Dear friends/family/supporters...

The time has finally come that Richard is leaving hospital.  He'll be discharged in approximately two weeks, and we have been told there is a disability house waiting for us in Beenleigh, which is approx. 30 mins south of Brisbane.

Richards progress has been great, he is now able to hold his own beer bottle! As well as other great things like clean his own teeth, and feed himself (using splint and modified cutlery). Clover will be starting school this year, and so it will be a big month as we adjust to everything new in our lives, and living together as a family once more.

Our priorities before we move is purchasing a disability van, and researching many things which will make Richard's life easier on "the outside".  

He is feeling absolutely 100% ready to leave, and after having a 2 weeks stint out of the hospital over Christmas, we're all feeling confident with all the associated issues needing to be tackled as they arise, regarding his injury.

His equipment which is supplied by the Government should arrive end of Feb, and in the meantime he will use loan equipment from TRP (Transitional rehabilitation program), as well as having them supply Occupational therapists and Physiotherapists to visit at the house for a few weeks, helping us to settle in to our new lives.

If anyone out there is able to help with our move, in any way, we would be very appreciative.  The majority of our gear will need to go into storage as the house is tiny, and if anyone can help with this also, we would be extra grateful.

The plans for the house in Bangalow have been finalised, and now just awaiting various reports before they can go to council for approval.  After that it's anyones guess as to how long it might take to build, but we would be extremely happy to be in there for Christmas this year - and back in our home town of Bangalow which we all miss so much.

Hope Christmas was magical for you all, and that 2008 has started on a high and remains that way.  Apologies that no-one received Christmas cards from us - life is busy as ever, if not more than usual, and I hope I will be better organised to send them out next year! 

Thank you to those of you who have continued to support us, it's been an amazing year with so much love directed our way.  We are eternally grateful.  Thank you also for all the help with fundraising and financial contributions, they've all helped us get another step closer to building our home, and also helped make our lives a little easier up here.

Kylie, Richard and Clover xxx

PS Greg Cromwell here... If anyone available to help out with the move please let me know.. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it (mobile 0447755440)   Walker and I are going up Sunday with my family to help close down Hamlet Street.

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