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Injuries of this type usually take a year of hospitalisation.  However, at our family conference at the end of May we were told Richard could be out of hospital as soon as November.  That said - we can only go home when the house modifications have been approved by the OT department... house modifications - what house??!!!!  So, it's with huge gratitude to everyone who is a part of any fundraising happening in Bangalow and Auckland as the plan is to buy a block of land (we've just paid the deposit!!!) in Bangalow which was found and is PERFECT!  it's the only flat block of land available in Bangalow, is in the Clover Hill Estate (how perfect is that??!!!!) and Benny Cummings dad is an architect specialising in Disability housing and has offered to do our plans for us.  wicked!  So, back to the original question of how long will Richard be in hospital, to quote my late Grandmother Norma "how long's a piece of string?!!" we don't really know.. but it could be as soon as November or as late as 12 months away.  Once we leave hospital we have to stay in a "transitional house" for 6-8 weeks which they provide for us to get us prepared for what home life will be like.  Ideally we'll be home for Christmas, but as yet there is no home to go to so we'll aim for early next year and see how it goes!

See new faq for more information. As Richie said I am in PA for a good time and a long time. Both things came true. Well done Richie, PA and support C

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